Social Justice in Clinical Practice: A Liberation Health Framework for Social Work was initially conceived three years ago, when editor Dawn Belkin Martinez was contacted about making a textbook alternative to introductory social work texts. Designed to be used as both a textbook for the classroom and a guidebook for clinical activists out in the field, Social Justice in Clinical Practice is written from the point of view that inattention to the sociopolitical contexts of the problems for which clients present can exacerbate the very conditions clients come to therapy to address. Theory is blended with concrete practice wisdom to develop a guide for readers who are looking for a new way of practicing that challenges the dominant paradigm of pathologization, stigma and systemic oppression.

Within this text, readers will be introduced to the works of educator Paulo Freire and psychologist Ignacio Martin-Baro. Consistent with Martin-Baro’s emphasis on rescuing the historical memory of change, readers will learn how the stories of iconic activist movements such as ACT UP and The Black Panthers can be incorporated into therapy sessions to challenge the idea that “things have always been this way” or that “change is impossible”.

Composed by seasoned clinicians, professors and practitioners,  this book reflects a broad range of approaches for applying the Liberation Health Framework.



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