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We are in bizarre and uncertain times. While immigrant rights have been a struggle in the United States for the entire history of the country, we live in a time where our immigrant communities are under a greater, bolder threat from governmental authorities than has been true in recent memory. As we have received a deluge of requests for resources to provide to families, as well as engaging in our own internal grappling of what it means to practice radically in the face of this current administration, we have compiled this list of links, resources, alerts and tips to help clients and practitioners alike to traverse this new landscape. This is a living document, and will be updated regularly by the Communications Working Group. 

While this guide will continue to be updated on, users can access the most up-to-date (but unpolished) document here: google doc (in progress)

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Do you know of another resource that we should be aware of? Contact us at*

*Not sure you want to communicate in cleartext? Just say so and Jess will send you options for lower-risk/higher-security communications mediums.