Boston Liberation Health Statement on the Election

“We have no illusions about the impact of Donald Trump’s victory. It is a disaster. The prospect of a unified right-wing government, led by an authoritarian populist, represents a catastrophe for working people.” (Jacobin, 2016)

The leadership team of our Boston Liberation Health Group had different perspectives about this election. Some of us voted Green, others voted for Hillary as a lessor of two evils, and some of us rejected the legitimacy of bourgeois elections all together. Nonetheless, we were united in the belief that our system of capitalism, white supremacy, and heteropatriarchy needed to be destroyed and replaced with a system that values and uplifts the lives of all oppressed identities; a system that prioritizes the needs of people over profit and capital. The election of Donald Trump is a disaster for our vision of “another world is possible.”

For 15 years, our Boston Liberation Health Group has been a part of the movement for social justice and human liberation. We have listened to our friends, clients, and colleagues and deconstructed dominant worldview messages. We have participated in the worldwide movement for radical social work practice. We have marched, protested and gotten arrested in solidarity with our compas demanding this better world. And now, we are preparing ourselves for the struggle of our lives.

Many of us are in shock or in mourning about Tuesday’s disaster. Some of us are sad and crying. Others are angry and want to break stuff. There are compas that want to be held and hugged and comrades that experience the hugging as patronizing. It’s all cool. There is no right way to deal with this fucked up crisis.

We want you to know that when you are ready, we are here for you. We are your community of social justice warriors. We believe our beloved community can be a healing intervention. We believe the struggle for justice is a therapeutic intervention. We see you and love you.

As Naomi Klein tweeted

We are ready. Ready to continue to listen and deconstruct dominant worldview messages. Ready to keep building the movement for Liberation Health. Ready to organize, advocate, protest, and march. The International Workers of the World used to say that an injury to one is an injury to all. We take this to heart. For example, if Donald Trump tries to register Muslims into a national data base, as he said he would during his campaign, we are all Muslims. For those of us who are able to do so because of our citizen privilege, we will fight this every step of the way and, if necessary, register as Muslims in solidarity. Elections are but one means to fight against our toxic system. We are ready to disrupt, resist, and fight.

Game on Compas.

Join us. Our next monthly meeting is Friday December 2nd.

With all of our love and solidarity,

The Boston Liberation Health Leadership Team.